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Ned Horvath

University of Texas
Principal Software Engineer
Austin, TX
Dr Horvath received his bachelor’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Master of Arts and Ph.D. from Princeton University, all in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science. His early research was in the complexity of algorithms, particularly related to sorting and optimal scheduling. His interest in Agile / Lean management began in the 1990s and he’s still learning. In an industrial career spanning more than four decades, Dr Horvath was a Member of Technical Staff at Bell Laboratories, where among other projects he was a design engineer for the Tuxedo OLTP system and AT&T’s commercial email system. He has led software development teams at University of Texas, Sun Microsystems and several startup and emerging growth companies, including multidisciplinary international development teams. Among the resulting products are optimization products for major airlines, key elements of the standards-based Defense Messaging System for the US Department of Defense, the market-leading QuickMail system for Macintosh-based computers, the market leading ichat internet messaging products, Oracle’s Java System Directory (LDAP) product suite, and several mobile applications. He is presently a Principal Software Engineer at the University of Texas.